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Course Objectives

This course is an interactive and engaging experience to our tools, strategies, and proven DH frameworks for creating your best work [and life].

Inside the Course, You'll Tackle 3 High-Level Objectives

Culture change begins with YOU.


What's Included in the Course?

15 Video Course Library


Value-rich lessons designed to provide you with our strategic frameworks for creating a strong culture foundation one step at a time. 


33-Page Interactive Playbook


Giving you the full experience of the content. You'll explore your values, react to questions, and reflect on concepts designed to get you thinking critically about how culture shows up at every level of your business.

Exclusive Community


Build on the new learnings and gain additional insights as you share your experience with your fellow culture leaders in the DH Facebook Community.

DH Course Completion Badge

Upon completing all sessions, you'll gain a DH Course Badge for successfully finishing the course to share on your social channels and website.

Who Should Take the Course?

Our Online Course is designed for:

  • Culture leaders, C-level executives, business owners, HR professionals, and organizational change makers: go-getter leaders of your workplace.
  • Individuals or teams who have the power to create meaningful, sustainable change within your people strategies.


Join a community of leaders empowered to create positive change at work!


How will this course help you and your team?

Equip yourself with research-backed frameworks proven to create happier cultures and improve business results.

Measure your own happiness and gain the tools to see how your teams stack up across departments.

Increase engagement and productivity through a deeper understanding of how your personal values align with those of your company.

Identify the impact your behaviors and actions have on your workplace culture and what to adjust to achieve the results you want.

Create a plan to enhance your company's greatest strengths and finds concrete solutions in the areas where you need improvement. 

The Online Course Experience

"It turns out the Happiness conversation is more important than any of us could have ever imagined a couple of months ago. Now here we are sending postcards from bizarro world. It's SO CLEAR how crucial it's going to be for us to collectively reestablish what really matters -- both within our organization and humanity in general - and get those values in sync and resonating. This is absolutely the cultural work we need to be doing, now more than ever, if only to make us more resilient for whatever wackiness comes next. "

Kelly Anders
Burning Man

"The Delivering Happiness Model is spot on, but only if you want to empower your team to become more productive and happier. I run a small business that is positioning itself for growth. This model will not only inspire our team to embrace the culture we want, but it also gives clear activities and talking points to make the process easier. Whether your business has 10 team members or 100,000+, creating a culture of empowered, happy, productive people who care about one another is now within your reach. I bet those who already had a Delivering Happiness Model in place will thrive even more during times of crisis, prosperity, or whatever the world throws at them.

This quote by Diane Ackerman is used in the course and sums up the DH Model perfectly, "I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find I’ve only lived the length of it, I want to have lived the width of it."

Nicole Brose
CEO, Nonprofix

Course Modules

DH Model + Your Why + Culture Pulse 

Learn the philosophical and psychological origins of the DH Model, define your “why” for this course, and take a quick pulse check on where your company’s culture stands right now.

Time needed: 45 minutes for video content, plus playbook exercises and survey. 

ME + WE Value Alignment

How to align your personal values to those of your company in order to generate more meaning and purpose at work.

Time needed: 43 minutes for video content, plus playbook exercises. 

Sense of Progress

Identify the levers of progress and happiness at work and learn how to create small wins to build positive momentum that ripples throughout your entire organization.

Time needed: 30 minutes for video content, plus playbook exercises. 

Sense of Control

Understand the top 3 ways to feel more in control at work and how to implement them effectively.

Time needed: 16 minutes for video content, plus playbook exercises. 

Sense of Connectedness

Discover the roots of our primal need for connectedness and how to activate this essential element of happiness in your workplace.

Time needed: 24 minutes for video content, plus playbook exercises. 

Higher Purpose

Define how your actions at work are contributing to something bigger than yourself, and how your company is serving a purpose higher than pure profit.

Time needed: 31 minutes for video content, plus playbook exercises. 

Culture Pulse Take 2 + Action Plan

Pause. Reflect. Track your progress so far. Create a mini culture action plan to help you make the case to other leaders on your team that creating a happier culture works.

Time needed: 37 minutes for video content, plus playbook exercises and survey. 

Case Studies + ROI + Applications

Hear behind-the-scenes stories from some of our most successful clients. Break down the business case for happiness at work, and plan what’s next for your culture journey.

Time needed: 28 minutes, plus playbook exercises. GAIN your course completion badge! 

Course Pricing


Dive into the content weekly or at your own pace.

Learn at your own pace



15 video course library

Interactive course playbook

Access to a community via Facebook

Upon completion, gain a DH Course Badge to share on your social channels and website


Do you need help gaining budget approval from leadership? We've got you covered! Check out our letter for culture here [make a copy and use it to build your case].

Frequently Asked Questions

With our On-Demand option, you'll gain course access right away! You can start diving into the content today if you'd like. 


After payment is received, we'll email you with the information you need for logging into the course. And, we'll get you added to our Private Facebook Community.

The beauty of the course being On-Demand is that you can complete the course at your own pace [faster or slower than outlined].

We created the content to be achieved within 8 weeks. So, you'll notice the videos and workbook are designed around the 8-week theme. This does not mean you are required to follow the same timeline.

Our timing goal was to find the sweet spot of weekly course commitment, allow for deeper dives into the content, and respectful of your time and other obligations. But, it's genuinely a course you can complete at your own pace. Of course, if it's been a while since you've logged in, we may nudge you because we want to see you be successful in this course!

You will gain access to 15-course videos where we will walk you through the content and give you next steps for applying the concepts on an individual level within the pages of your 33-page DH Playbook.

Once you complete the course in its entirety, we will email you a DH Course Completion Badge to proudly display on your social channels or website.

Clients of Delivering Happiness

Not finding what you need in our premade sections? Use Custom Content to create your own layout.


Meet Murat with Canpa 

His leadership, coupled with our frameworks led to organizational and community-wide impact:


Won 1st Place in Turkey’s 2018 Great Places to Work Assessment 
2X Profit Increase Year-Over-Year
30% Decrease in Turnover Rates


“We were judged so much by our board about this happiness stuff. But in 31 years of business, we've now had our record sales year in the history of our company - so happiness works! The DH team is our great inspiration!” — Murat Ozcan, Vice President, Canpa

Meet Your Guides

Jenn Lim | CEO & Co-Founder

Jenn Lim is the fearless, innovative CEO and co-founder of DH. With two decades of lessons learned in culture and consulting, proven results from transforming company cultures come back to her simple mission: to inspire science-based happiness, passion, and purpose at work, home, and in life. She’s devoted her career to cultivate meaningful happiness in cities, communities and 350+ companies around the world.

Sunny Grosso | Lead Coach|sultant & Culture Chief

Sunny Grosso is a founding member of DH’s coach|sulting® team and has led countless organizations through their culture journey with masterclasses, workshops, and coach|sulting® services. She helped develop the DH model using the science of happiness and insights from our expanding list of clients. Driven to help companies uncover their higher purpose through happier cultures, Sunny has already inspired teams in 20+ countries using DH’s signature approach.

Why Delivering Happiness?

Were DH. We evolved from a NY Times #1 best-selling book to the world’s first culture coach|sulting® [coaching + consulting] company. From the early days at Zappos to the 350+ organizations we’ve impacted globally, our purpose is to help engage your employees and create happier, sustainable cultures for more profitable businesses.

The success our clients’ experience follows long after our coach|sultants have left, with many receiving national recognition as the top places to work anywhere in the world. We’ve worked with executives and leadership teams from the Fortune 500 and beyond including, Google, Facebook, Chase Bank, Starbucks, Deloitte, Aetna, Verizon Wireless, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, Century 21, Cisco, General Mills, The Economist, HP, Marriott, Inc. 5000, Northwell Health, TBS, TOMS Shoes, Viacom and more. 

Happier Workplaces =
More Profitable Businesses

[ & more meaningful lives ]

You’re an enterprising leader. You’ve seen the signs of an unproductive culture at your workplace. You’ve heard the buzzwords — Engagement. Attraction. Retention. Alignment. Scale. You know that a happier culture can help grow your business, but you have no idea how to apply these concepts effectively. Thats where we come in.

We’ve done the research, tested the theories and created a blueprint to deliver customizable culture action plans to giants like Starbucks, Sallie Mae, Viacom, Northwell Health and more. And, our methods don’t just work for the Fortune 500. We’ve helped small businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world double revenues, reverse turnover rates, clinch coveted best place to work awards and more.

DH Masterclass Essentials brings you the best of what we’ve built in a new online format—the essential pieces you need to know to inspire radical change at your workplace. 

Make Culture a Priority. Invest in Your People.

It starts with YOU!



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